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Joe Boyd Vigil - Mad Rhetoric (Walking Stick)
Theme Song Week

Aww yiss. While you probably haven’t seen this in a long time, you probably did hear it every weekday afternoon for a good couple years. Or maybe not… maybe Toonami wasn’t your thing (weirdo) or you’re too young to have been watching around 2002 or so (move along, grown folks is talkin’). But if you do remember, this is sure to be a nice piece of nostalgia for you.

While Mad Rhetoric wasn’t a theme song per se, given that Toonami chopped off the shows’ intros for time and placed a ton of bumpers and content-based music videos in the commercial breaks (of which there are glorious HD remasters available on YouTube), I think this counts since it pretty much served as a theme song for the entire block.

Sorry about the run-on sentences but I’m not sorry about the song.